Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston

A message from Fr Anthony and the volunteers of the Dormition Parish

Thank you for all your support. We apologize to all for the long wait on Saturday. This was a first time experience for us with pre-ordering. Once we ironed out all the details that didn’t work on Saturday, Sunday was a great experience for all.

Thank you for supporting our community!

The parishioners of the Dormition Church in Somerville take pride in our yearly Greek Food Festival. It is the single biggest fundraiser for our church and is the one time of year that we get to see and share some of our Greek Food specialties with many of you. It is a time we get to connect with the people of our surrounding communities, dance a little and of course eat. This year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot entertain all of you with our full festival. This year we tried something different and created a pickup service. Although we got off to a rocky start, the overall event was a success. We have learned from this experience so that we may be able to offer this again in the future and manage the flow of orders better. We appreciate your patience and support and we will strive to offer better service in the future.